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Name: Armour Stand Editor
Price: 20.00 AUD

Use: /astools OR /ast to switch to editor mode. Use the same command to change back to your normal inventory!

The armour stand editor will allow you to change the pose of your armour stands.
This includes movement of the arms, legs, body, head and changing position in the x,y,z coords of the whole armour stand.

You will also get several options such as toggling the baseplate, toggling the arms, changing the size, adding a name tag over the head of the armour stand and a few more things.

You must not offer any in-game services using this perk such as people paying you to edit their armour stands. Please limit the usage to armour stands that you own in your lands/areas/market stalls. This perk should not be used for other players benefit.

You must not attempt to use this perk to grief, troll or bug exploit.

If you are caught misusing this perk in any way, it will be removed without any refund.

You can not make armour stands invisible!