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Name: OceaniaNet - x5
Price: 16.00 AUD

$3.20 AUD Each in bulk

OceaniaNets can be used to catch and release mobs, these mobs will keep all NBT data! 

This means villagers will keep trade data, all mobs will keep names, inventories, armour, health and anything else!

(Mobs can be transferred between worlds!)

OceaniaNets are only useable by players who have purchased them, you must not trade OceaniaNets to other players! 

OceaniaNets are SINGLE USE only and will be removed after placing the mob. You can not use these to collect another players tamed pet. If you purchased a limited amount of OceaniaNets, no refunds will be given if you misclick or misuse your net!

! Please make sure you have at least 1 free space in your inventory and that you are logged into the server before purchasing !