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Name: OceaniaPlus | IRON
Price: 8.99 AUD

What do i get with this package?

No phantoms

Phantoms will no longer attack you at night.

Nickname (/Nick)

Lets you change your name ingame whenever you want.

Personal vault, one page (/Pv 1)

Acts like an enderchest with much more space. These items are safe from everything.

Night vision toggle (/Nv)

Lets you toggle night vision on/off.

Fart (/Fart)

Lets you toggle the ability to fart by sneaking.

Iron block disguise (/Iron)

Lets you turn yourself into a block of iron with a coloured nametag over the block.

375 shells each time you renew

At the start of each month, you will gain 375 shells as long as you are still subscribed.