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To help avoid spawners being "pay-to-win", all spawner drops will sell for a fairly low price in /shop. The mobs will also have no AI to help reduce lag. Spawners are not allowed to be sold in-game and are bound to the account that bought them. Only the owner of the spawner can place or break it, silktouch is not required to break. All spawners have different spawn conditions, these can be found in the item description of each spawner. All spawners are applied to yourself permanently or until you lose/destroy them

If you somehow lose or destroy a spawner, staff will NOT replace them!


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Non profit statement
OceaniaCraft is a non profit minecraft server. While we do have some cosmetic and QOL items available for purchase on our website, staff do not personally benefit from server income. All profits are used to pay for development, commissions, hardware and hosting fees. All staff members are unpaid volunteers who dedicate their free time to moderating and developing the server to keep things as enjoyable and lag free as possible. We are extremely grateful for everyone who has donated through our webstore, thank you for supporting the server!