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General Rules:

  1. If there is an automated system in place, do not attempt to bypass it.
  2. No griefing inside or around claims. Stealing is allowed.
  3. No visual or verbal abuse/disrespect towards any groups of people or individuals.
  4. The only mods allowed are visual overlays which must not include x-ray features (no mob finders, no cave maps).
  5. AFK autoclicking is not allowed. Ensure you are able to respond to staff AFK checks.
  6. No dealing damage to players outside of /PVP or dedicated PVP areas.
  7. No advertising of third party servers/services.
  8. No attempts to abuse bugs, exploits or glitches
  9. No scamming. This doesn't include loan repayments, issue loans at your own risk
  10. There is no limit to alt accounts, but you must not exceed two online at a time.

Market Rules:

  1. Plots must be used as shops only and follow chest shop requirements.
  2. Only two plots per person. Alt accounts must not be used to bypass this.

Redstone Rules:

  1. No excessively large farms or redstone contraptions. Please use common sense and avoid anything that may lag the server, use minecarts and other tile entities sparingly. If you are unsure, ask staff in a discord ticket.
  2. It is the players responsibility to make sure that there are no entity stacks that may cause lag.
  3. Any land within 20 chunks of another must not be used to bypass the hopper/container limit. You must not leave land unclaimed to bypass these limits.
  4. Absolutely no forms of chunk loaders.