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General Rules:

  • 1) Stealing from chests and other storage in the wilderness or taking blocks that have a high value is allowed, however, griefing builds is not allowed! This includes damaging the land around a claim. Griefing is the destruction of something just for the fun of it. Using /magnet to steal items from a claimed area or interfere with a farm/machine is Not Allowed and may result in having your /magnet removed. (Griefing and stealing exact definitions are situational and at staff discretion).
  • 2) You can not claim builds/areas used by other players without first getting their permission or asking a staff member if it's okay. If the owner of the build/area has been offline for more than 60 days you may claim it. Use /seen to check or ask staff. If you are offline for more than 60 days, your lands will be unclaimed.
  • 3) You must not build/claim land within 20 chunks (320 blocks) of another player's build/claim without first getting their permission. If the build/area is claimable (Reference rule 2) you can build/claim as close as you like. Claiming strongholds and the main end islands is never allowed. The main end island must remain as clear as possible, no major builds or griefs allowed. Small structures related to the dragon fight are normally okay, but anything large will be removed.
  • 4) While we do allow swearing, we have zero tolerance for racism, bullying or offensive slurs. Any excessive swearing will lead to a mute or worse. We do not allow any advertising of any type. Chats are monitored by staff 24/7 and everything said is logged for future reference, By using our ingame chat services you agree to being monitored and logged.
  • 5) Game changing mods, hacking, bug, glitch or exploit abuse of any kind will result in a warning or ban from the server. This includes such things as: TNT dupers, autoclickers, aimbots, auto builders, X-ray and many other similar things. Placing objects on your mouse to hold down a button or clicking while you're not at your computer is also not allowed. All clicks must be 1:1 and input manually. No drag clicking, scroll clicking or anything that may trigger autoclicking anticheat. If it looks like autoclicking it will be treated as such.
  • 6) You may use one alt account at a time (two logins per person). You can use this account for anything you wish, including voting and AFK'ing. If you own more alt accounts and wish to use them for voting, you can use as many as you like, as long as you never have more than two logins at a time.
  • 7) Any items purchased on the /Website are to remain on your account. The selling/trading of spawners is strictly prohibited and can result in having them removed from you permanently. Items/perks purchased from the website will not be replaced if they are lost unless they are lost due to a bug/glitch. THey will also not be replaced if they are lost due to a world switch, it is up to you to move them with you to a new world.
  • 8) As an owner/member of a land claim you are responsible for who you allow access to items/chests. Staff will not return items stolen by a land member, please do not ask. If you get into an argument about this, we ask that you please keep it out of public chat or you may be muted without warning.
  • 9) Scamming of any kind is not allowed and will result in jail time or a tempban/warning, all items will be returned to their owner. Adding someone to a claim and kicking them out or teleporting them to an unsafe area to get access to their stuff is also considered a scam. loan money at your own risk, this is not covered under scamming and staff will not get involved. If someone is paid to do a job, make sure to screenshot the agreement and note the time and date it was made. Without evidence of a deal, staff may not get involved.


  • 10) Selling/buying items/land for real money is not allowed at all and may result in a
    permanent ban. All items will be returned to their previous owner and you will be left to deal with the lost money.
  • 11) No discussion or promotion of politics or religion. If you would like to discuss these topics, there are plenty of dedicated platforms out there, you're more than welcome to go find one. Anything that may be perceived as promotion of your own world view or could lead to the spread of misinformation is NOT ALLOWED.
  • 12) Please refrain from making map art or builds that violate the following; Anything that may be considered R18+ is not allowed. This includes anything hardcore in nature such as penetration, abuse or sexual acts. Anything that may be considered MA15+ or below is allowed. This includes things such as casual nudity, kissing, and sexual facial expressions. Please also read general rule #4. Staff will always have the final say, if you are unsure about something you plan to build, please contact staff first.

Group Rules:

  • 1) Group size is limited to 10 members. These members must use the “/party” system to run their group. groups and their members must not use “/nick” to identify their group in any way.
  • 2) The owner of the group will be held responsible for any members acting together to cause issues in the server. The members will be individually punished and the group owner will receive a group leader strike, too many strikes will lead to the group being disbanded.
  • 3) staff reserve the right to forcibly remove A member or disband the group. Any shared farms or claims belong to the owner of that claim in the event that a group is disbanded or the land owner is removed. Any purchased items such as spawners that are in a shared claim can be returned to the buyers inventory upon request.

PVP Rules:

  • 1) pvp will always be turned off by default. using "/pvp" to enable it will mean that all pvp you are involved in is consensual and all items dropped are allowed to be taken. staff will not get involved at all.
  • 2) If someone is in or around your land claims and refusing to leave, you can ban them from the land by using "/L Ban (Player)“, but first, be sure to select your land using “/L Edit (Land)”. If they continue to troll around the land, create a support ticket on the “/Discord”.
  • 3) indirect forms of pvp are also not allowed without consent. This includes, but is not
    limited to things such as: pushing someone to their death, covering them in lava, drowning them, crushing them, etc... Use your big brain.
  • 4) Creating a trapped /Pwarp or any other kind of trap that does harm to a player is not allowed and will be removed without warning.

Redstone And Farm Rules:

  • 1) Portal farm designs of any kind are not allowed. A portal farm is a type of farm that uses nether or end portals to transport entities across dimensions and can be very laggy. This also includes farm designs that use portal blocks to spawn mobs.
  • 2) Hopper, chest, and furnace minecarts are limited to 30 within 7 chunks or 112 blocks in each direction. If you pass this limit, all carts will be removed without warning.
  • 3) We do allow flying machines, however; they must not be in constant motion. Please try to limit their movement as much as you can by adding a timer. All flying machines are required to have a clearly labeled off switch.
  • 4) You must not have any more than 20 villagers within 7 chunks or 112 blocks in each direction. Please keep an eye on your breeders or some may be killed by staff without warning.
  • 5) For all medium to large farms; all hoppers with open tops are required to have a composter on the top side to reduce ticking lag. (This only applies where possible)
  • 6) There is a limit of 750 hoppers and 1000 containers per land. If multiple lands are within 7 chunks or 112 blocks in each direction, They must not total more than these limits between them all. You must not usemultiple lands in the same area or intentionally leave land unclaimed to bypass these limits.
  • 7) All farms with a high entity flow are required to have some form of overflow system in place to avoid items on the ground getting too high. If staff find that your farm is leaking or poorly designed and causing the entity count to unnecessarily increase it will be disabled. (This may mean breaking the farm without warning)
  • 8) We do not allow large scale item sorters. Please limit any item storting systems to 50 sorted items. all item sorters within 7 chunks or 112 blocks in each direction must not total over 50 sorted items or 50 sorter

  • 9) Chunk loaders are strictly not allowed. the same goes for any machine intentionally designed to lag the server. Please just use common sense and avoid anything that you believe may cause lag or disrupt the gameplay for other players.

Market Rules:

  • 1) All rented plots must be used in a reasonable way. Please don't waste a plot. {Also see market rule 4}
    Plots are to be used as a shop only, anything extra must be related to the shops theme. If a plot remains empty or unstocked for too long, it will be removed.
  • 2) You can not own more than two plots per person. This also means you can not use alt accounts to buy more for yourself. If you wish to group with a friend to make a larger shop you can, as long as you each stick to the limit of two each and use the space reasonably.
  • 3) You are allowed to break the wall between shops that you or a friend own and create larger plots, this can also be done to plots above or below you. {Also see market rule 4}
  • 4) If you own two plots that are connected to form one large plot, you must still meet the minimum chest shop requirement in each plot. All requirements can be found on the information banner at /market.
  • 5) You must not live in your plot. This also means no storing items that are unrelated to the shop in your plots. These are strictly for shop use only. {also see market rule 1}
  • 6) No stealing of any kind or trolling in the market. If you troll or annoy someone in or out of their plot you will be punished.
  • 7) You alone are responsible for paying your shop rent. If you do not pay it and it expires, all items will be deleted and no refunds will be given.
  • 8) No scam shops. Prices that are stupidly high are considered scamming and action will be taken if you are caught doing this. {also see general rule 9}

Please also read the information located at /market